Monday, September 19, 2005

The Carnival of Over One Million People

Rajaram [yellow T]Joined The spectators for a while 0000 Hrs to 0700 18th Sep As were reaching tank bund the view of the Road ahead was absolutely Enthralling , there were thousands of Vehicles Lined up in the traffic towards Tank Bund . Scores of Lorries, Tractors and Trailers with thousands of Halogen Lamps, Generators and expensive Decorations were still moving towards tank Bund from All corners of the city. The two Processions from Alwal, are eagerly awaited by the residents of Ramgopalpet and Kingsway circle for a glimpse every year, they never stop appreciating the intricate decoration we do to our vehicle and our Ganapathy Bappa. This year people brought idols with various Themes and thousands of people/ volunteers dressed up in various costumes Like ‘Chatrapathi Shivaji’ , Lord Ram, Hanuman , and many characters from the ramayan. Lord Shiva, destroying couple of Rakshasas. There were also couple of walt Disney characters which brought in lot of colour to the carnival .


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