Monday, September 19, 2005

The Procession " Ganapathi Bappa Moriyaa" -Alwal

"OUR COLONY'S GANESH IDOL" 2000 Hrs We are all set to proceed Towards Hussain Sagar Lake from Ramnagar Colony ,Alwal. This is the Most Exciting moment in the whole Ganesh Immersion Event. It's a 12 Hour Journey to Reach the 15 Odd Kms from our place as thousands of Idols arrive from Various parts of the City and surounding districts. The Moment the Trailer moves from our Pandal, The drum beats would start and in a few moments thousands of Devotees were gathered around our Vehicle to have a view of our Ganesh Idol. I could see lot of Kids, Women and Older people emotionally watching the Ganesh idol moving away in the Trailer. " BOOM" , suddenly the dark sky got lighted up with the 240 shots rocket, the spectacle was awesome, as if millions of small diyas were smiling at us from the sky, our hearts filled with Joy and we all thanked Lord Ganesha for bringing us together for the Gala Event. Now, it's time to Give a nice send off to the Lord and Crackers light up the sky and bursts of the '10000 wala' crackers . for safety reasons the power was cut off for 30 Mins and there were around 50 people dancing in front of the Trailer to the tune of 'teen maar' and the whole area was charged with energy, Sweets and Prasadam were distributed to all the devotees who came to have a glimpse of the lord.


Blogger bala said...

hii Srinu bhaiyya
Add a line or two about the awesome spectacle of fireworks that we were all treated too before the commencement of the procession. It was a glorious sight as the night sky came alive due to the sparkling extravaganza.

9/22/2005 12:02:00 AM  

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