Monday, September 19, 2005

The Grease Pole

1700 Hrs 17th Sep 2005 At 6.30 PM the Majestic Ganesh idol is moved from the pandal towards the Huge Trailer with People from All corners shouting Ganapathi Bappa Moriyaa The Trailer which has been painstakingly decorated with Flowers, Bells, Diyaas and Big Halogen Lamps was Looking like a Magnificent Temple ready to Move. 1900 Hrs Now it's time for 'The Grease Pole Event'. This is a weird celebration cum competition held in most parts of Secunderabad and Hyderabad during the Ganesh Immersion Day. This event runs for around 30 mins, where young men form a pyramid to reach the Top of a Metallic Pole, where a Matka loaded with some goodies like a Coconut, Sweets, and some money. The Pole is embalmed with Thick layers of Grease or , Butter of Ghee to make it difficult for the climbers to reach the Top, hence the event is called as Grease Pole. There would be Two teams One would constantly try to reach the Top and the Others would try to make it difficult for the climbers by throwing streams of waters with various containers.


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