Monday, September 19, 2005

TEEN MAAR " Tippiri Tippiri "

On 17th Sep ,Typically like every year we completed the pooja on the 11th day evening around 6.30 pm we had engaged around 10 professional drummers and the people just couldn't stop reaching the Park were our Pandal was located. The moment we hear the high decibel Drum beats Called the 'Teen Maar' ,most of the kids and our friends start dancing almost involuntarily . The 'Teen maar' is performed on a variety of drums by experienced people whom we call 'Dappulu Olu'. The Music which is the poor mans "Heavy metal"is very delighting with it's high energy. Located at the far corner of the park, the loud speakers would churn out songs like Deva ho Deva and Sundar Sundar naam, continuously. Unlike other pandals, we have decided not to Bother residents of Alwal with high noise levels this year.


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